Hank Hockersman is the brother of Jim Hockersman, and the owner of Hockersman's Hunting and Fishing Goods.

Hank Hockersman




Hunter, former Pro Hunters of America vice leader


Jim Hockerson (older brother)

Jack Hockerson (father)


Fishing, Deer

Hank is the younger brother of Jim, and owns a store about 20 miles from the PHA and South Carolina border.


Hank is not really in the Pro Hunters of America, since Hank resigned in 2007 after a bad hunting accident around Forsw. He does not hunt much anymore, maybe some fishing now and then. He is a large man, with a small beard and mustache. Hank owns his own store, he opened it in late 2007 after his accident. It sells hunting and fishing goods. It gets good stock, and many hunters, mostly the PHA hunters, buy there. Hank is a good friend to the PHA, and used to be the Vice leader of the PHA in from 1994 until 2001, when previous PHA leader, Jack E. Conley, died.

In September 2007, Hank was hunting in the mountains for elk around Forsw. He was hiking up a ledge cliff, when the ice made him slip and step and he fell down and smashed his knee real bad, then rolled over and broke his arm and rolled down a few hundred feet. He was found outside Forsw in critical condition, and if 911 hadn't arrived in time, he might've died. Hank went to the hospital and got out in December 2007, vowing not to hunt again, especially in the mountains. Hank still does hunt, but not as much. He chooses to peacefully fish.