Jack E. Conley
Vital statistics
Nicknames Jack, Boon, Jack Daniels, Ole' Conley
Gender Male
Race White
Level Pro
Faction Pro Hunters of America 5th generation leader
Location 224 Left Street, Rein Creek, North Carolina (his old home). Conley Graveyard (2 miles south of Raligh, his grave)
Family ______ (son)

Erick Conley (grandson)

John H. Worthington (best friend)

Slim Conley (father)

Jack Edward Conley (January 15th 1942 - October 22nd 2001) was the 5th generation founder of Pro Hunters of America (September 12th 1960 - October 22nd 2001). He was a long time member and best friends with John H. Worthington, another long time member. Jack's son is Samuel Conley (born 1971). He is the son of Slim Conley (1919 - 1982).


Jack loved to hunt. He always had courage, and pride. When a friend said "Let's go hunt!" or something, he would pop from his seat and walk to the car or so without a word and a smile on his face. Jack grew up in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and moved to Raleigh, North Carolina because his dad's job when he was in the 2nd grade. There, his father, Slim, taught him the hunt. He would go out without telling his mother (she hated hunting and his dad didn't tell either, hehe) and hunt deer.

Jack also had a heart for fowl, which is what lead him to friendship with John E. Worthington (he called JE), who joined the P.H.A. in 1983, Jack was leader at the time. He soon became the leader of P.H.A. when Slim died of heart failure in 1982 and thought he wouldn't make it (and he didn't RIP), and passed to title to Jack, who was at age 24. Jack had a son in 1971, Samuel Conley.

Jack was a Pro Hunter, almost a master. In late 1997, he was diagnosed with heart diesese, and he died 4 years later on October 22nd 2001, in the P.H.A. lodge master bedroom. The P.H.A. then had a funeral for him and honored him on November 1st, and buried him in the Conley family graveyard 2 miles south of Raleigh, North Carolina. He was remembered.