Jim Hockersman (or T-Bone) is a pro hunter in the Pro Hunters of America. He is one of Daniel's best and long friends, as long

Jim Hockersman




Pro Hunters of America


Pro (about to be Master)


Hank Hockersman (brother)

Jack Hockersman (father)

Position and type:

Hunter; Deer, Fowl

as one of the main leaders of the PHA. After Erick Conley's death on December 22nd 2012, Daniel (the new leader), made him senior hunter. Many people call him T-Bone, because of his love of T-Bone steaks. He is controlled by Ultra Kuzon and is UK's 2nd RP character.


Jim is a skinny guy, usually wears white no sleeved shirts or camo. He always has a cigarette in his mouth. Jim always goes hunting, and has many permits and ways. He has many stands in many locations around North and South Carolina. Jim's father, Jack Hockersman, was one of Jack E. Conley's best friends, until 2001 when Jack died.

Jim lives in his large lodge, right on the border of South Carolina, 25 miles south of the PHA. Jim is not a fan of Hog or Wolves, as he is allergic to their fur. More will be added.