Jimmy D. Howard
Jimmy D. Howard
James at the lodge.
Vital statistics
Nicknames James
Gender Male
Race Caucasian
Level Pro(Possibly master)
Faction Pro Hunters of America
Location North Carolina
Family Unknown So Far
Jimmy "James" D. Howard is a 31 year old hunter of the Pro Hunters of America. He is a middle aged man with much hunting, and life experience. He owns his own huntin' grounds, named Hog Tusks which is filled with beggining level animals and is for kids and begginers.


Jimmy is a a Caucasion mid-aged man with a bald head, and a chiseled structured head. He has a combo gotee and beard. He usually wears a navy blue, short sleeved shirt with the PHA symbol on the back of it. He has tattoos running down his left arm, stopping at his sleeve length.


Jimmy is very mature, but has a great sense of humor. He loves making jokes, and being where the excitement is. He usually curses a lot as well. He enjoys eating at resturaunts like Denny's or iHop before hunts and daily, and he greatly dislikes fast food. His favorite hunting weapon is a rifle in which is equiped with a scope. 

On-Screen HuntsEdit

On-Screen CatchesEdit

  • 353 Lbs White-Tailed Buck
  • 337 Lbs White-Tailed Buck