John H. Worthington
Vital statistics
Nicknames JHW, JH, ole' worthington, big boy, 'Worth' the money
Gender Male
Race White
Level Master (Fowl), Pro (Deer), Basic (Hog)
Faction Pro Hunters of America
Location Rein Creek, North Carolina
Family Erick Conley (good friend)

Daniel Hoffsman (good friend)

Jack Boone (rival and good friend)

Jack E. Conley (once best friend before death in 1995)

John H. Worthington is currently the main Secretary and Treasurer of the Pro Hunters of America foundation and club. He is a senior member, since 1983, where he first joined the club as a basic duck hunter. He soon went on and became a large part in the P.H.A.. After exactly 35 ducks shot, 10 bucks, and 15 wild hog, he was elligable to become a vice member, a high member. He was promoted Junior Secretary in 1988. He was promoted junior treasurer in 1990, and Senior/Main treasurer and secretary in March 2004. He is one of the oldest members of the club, currently being 63 years of age. He is a master rank hunter in the Fowl category, pro in the Deer category, and expert in the Hog category. He does not hunt much anymore due to his age and limitations, but he is always up for some simple duck huntin', or givin' off some of his master tips or advice to newcomers.