The Lodge is where the members of the PHA (Pro Hunters of America) club stays. It is located in Western North
Carolina. It is in the middle of the woods near a large lake, and is very beautiful. It's only about 23 years old.


The lodge is where the main members of the Pro Hunters of America stay. It is a log cabin, and is quite comfortable. It is a very large lodge, has 13 rooms:

  • Main Lodge - Has large TV, deer heads line the wall and has a dining table and more
  • Kitchen
  • Gun Room
  • Hunting Museum - All kinds of animal heads and such, and historic things
  • 5 bedrooms
  • Master bedroom - For the leader, Erick
  • Training Basement - Where there are targets set up to aim with and train
  • The Porch

Living MembersEdit


The inside lodge

These are the pro hunters. More details on the main page.

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