Rein Creek is the main capital city in the Hunting Wiki's RP. It is the town, where the Pro Hunters of America

Rein Creek


Huntin' for something better.


About 25


Vice Governor:

Robert Shackleton (since 1995)

Bill Johnson


Huntin' town


North Carolina

headquarters is. The town isn't that big, mostly a fish/bait, and mostly a hunting town. In the outskirts of the town, is the Old Creek Road. It is a beautiful country road that goes through the Pine Woods, and peoples' and hunters' homes are along it.

History & AboutEdit

Rein Creek was founded in 1750 by Samuel J. Shackelton (1718 - 1809), on a small beautiful creek area. He named in Rein Creek and built a town on it. Samuel was mayor from 1750 until 1795, when he let his son take over, because of Samuel's old age. His son was Thomas Shackleton (1731 - 1828), who was mayor until 1828, when he died and his son, George Shackelton (1755 - 1853), who was mayor from 1828 until 1836, then Samuel P. Jackson (1780 - 1874), didn't go for mayor, instead choosing to help invent a series of hunting weapons and technology, with his good friend, Benson O'Conley (1812 - 1893). Jay Jackson was mayor from 1836 until 1852. At P. Jackson's old age, he was planning to build a business with him, but he sent the idea to his son, Dick Shackleton (1809 - 1885), who helped Benson. Dick was governor from 1852 until 1885, when he died in office, and his young only daughter, Clarrise Shackleton (1830 - 1929; Harding after marriage), and she would be the only major female mayor (1885 - 1901). Clarrise had 6 son's, and Eris Shackleton (1854 - 1948) would become mayor (1901 - 1928). In 1888, Eris' son, John Shackleton (1888 - 1961), was born. He would be mayor from 1928 until 1932. John's son, Jim Shackleton (1912 - 1997), would become mayor from 1932, until 1972 (serving longest term; 40 years). Jim's son, Hank Shackleton (1936 - 1963), died from Herpes viral infection in 1963, and died when his son (and current mayor), Robert Shackleton (1963 - ?), was 7 months old. Robert's mom and Hank's wife, Lydia Jackson (1941 - ?), had to take the position has mayor from 1963 until 1995, when Robert was old enough and is the current mayor since 1995.

The town is a thriving bustling hunting town. Many hunting stores, stands for sale everywhere.

Named CitizensEdit


The town is very stable, but also very small. So there is no real problems with politics or so. There has not been one theft since 1941, and they plan to hope to keep that record.