Slim Conley




Pro Hunters of America


Fowl, Duck


Jack E. Conley (son)

James Conley (father)

Samuel Conley (grandson)

Erick Conley (great-grandson; deceased)

Jack R. Conley (great-great-grandson)

Slim Nathaniel Conley (October 2nd 1919 - March 21st 1982) was the 4th generation leader of the Pro Hunters of America (1938 - 1982). He was a very active man, always there. He invented the Pro Hunters America expert shotgun in 1938. He is the father of Jack E. Conley (1942 - 2001). 


Slim was born to James Conley and Lydia Jackson in 1919. Conley grew up in the 1930s with his siblings, the great depression. At the end, he was 20 years old, and WWII started. Slim served, not long from 1939 to 1941. Slim invented the Pro Hunters gun in 1938, and became leader of the PHA when his father gave him rights.. In 1942, Slim had a child, Jack E. Conley. Slim was a very mysterious man, said by many. He always spent time in his office in the lodge, or out in the fields studying things. Slim was named Slim because when he was born, he was very skinny, and slim. In 1982, Slim passed the name of PHA leader down to Jack E., because he knew he would die soon. Slim died in later that year from heart failure.

Slim is said to have been a large man with a white beard at older age. He also liked fowl hunting and ducks.